White Glove Service

Streamlining client experiences with high-end photography, service providers (cleaning, painting, inspections, title, lending), and a network of skilled professionals for home showcasing.

Robust Marketing

Property listed worldwide through MLS Network, SEO third party sites, such as Google,, and social media, as well as 800+Broker websites.

 • Virtual Tour

 • Professional Photography

 • Email Distribution 

 • Direct Mail Announcement

 • Strategic Open House

• Targeted Campaigns

Resource Management

Trust that I will be a strong voice for you as I represent you during the buying and selling process. I'll champion your wants and needs in communications with everyone involved:

 • Attorney

 • Title Company

 • Other Realtors

 • Loan Consultants

 • Inspectors

• Government Agencies

Mindful Coaching

I will support the process with my background in Psychology and Therapeutic Coaching. I see the buying and selling process in light of larger life transitions and will use my skills to help walk people through their process.

 • In my psychology degree I focused on family systems.

 • In my coaching I use a model that allows the client to go through their experience, respect time to go at their own pace and honor their humanity.

Preferred Partnerships

My network of contractors, sub-contractors, and tradespeople make quick, easy work of your property's physical needs:

 • Personal Property Dispersement

 • Movers

 • Painters

 • Plumbers

 • Electricians

 • Contractors

 • Handymen

 • Cleaning Services

 • Interior Decorators

• Landscapers